A New and Original Investigation of Stonehenge

Stonehenge best book

“Ewbank’s writing and drawings are a joy! This book has given me a whole new perspective on both Stonehenge and Neolithic life!” 

About the book

Was Stonehenge an epic building or a mere collection of well placed slabs?

Sarah Ewbank’s book – Stonehenge – Temple Cipher Roof – reconsiders this ancient monument’s true purpose and inadvertantly rocks modern dogma built on shaky footings by current archaeologists.

Facts and evidence that support of Stonehenge’s roof are presented as a lively jargon-free read.

How would you brave the winter solstice?

Stonehenge celebrations by Sarah Ewbank

“Rarely is conventional dogma challenged so conclusively, so convincingly, as it has been here. There is no doubt that the Stonehenge roof theory, put forward by Ewbank, will be written into history.”

A mere circle of stones or a building with a spectacular roof!

Learn about the rationale behind a large thatched roof and the impressions that remain in Stonehenge’s stones which support it’s positioning.

Stonehenge with roof by Sarah Ewbank
“This book just makes sense! Why go through the trouble of moving all of those stones if you aren’t going to put a roof on them?”

Lose yourself in the history of Stonehenge and over 400 colour images!

Fantastic colour photos, renderings and illustrations, makes the book easy to follow.

“The book is worth buying for the wonderful pictures and cartoons! It lives on my coffee table and I often find myself flicking through it during idle moments”

Question what you know about our ancestors.

Ewbank encourages readers to reconsider popular delusions about our forebears. She sees not a group of drudges who accidentally bunged some stones in the ground, but an advanced society familiar with geometry and specialised  building techniques. This work rewrites how we should perceive our forebears.

What neolithic people wore by Sarah Ewbank
“Riveting! Read alone or bring out as a conversation starter with friends!”

Learn about Stonehenge's recent history

Stone Circle construction

The book presents not just a theory about Stonehenge, but awakens the dead science of archaeology. 

“I can’t say that I’m a Stonehenge fanatic, but I throughly enjoyed this book.”

Like a rolling stone the book rumbles over some absurd Stonehenge myths

How about wraping the stones in wood then rolling them? Ewbank isn’t convinced that’s a great idea.

Like a rolling stone by Sarah Ewbank

“I’ve read a number of Stonehenge books and this is the most engaging and plausible by far.”

See how it all fits together

Stonehenge main trilathon

Ewbank’s scale model shows the majesty of what a Stonehenge structure might look like

Ewbank makes me believe that our ancestors had a colourful life, in touch with both nature and themselves!

More enjoyment, more understanding with more images

Not content on merely presenting words on paper, each of Ewbank’s points is illustrated with wonderful pictures. It lets you see what she means.

Stonehenge groundworks by Sarah Ewbank

“I thought your Stonehenge book was
brilliant. The idea of the roof is entirely feasible and I think you did
a wonderful job describing how the henge may have been built, stones
transported and dropped into the holes and also possible explanation for
the Aubrey holes etc. Great sketches and diagrams.”

How stonehenge was made by Sarah Ewbank

The idea of men hauling hard is done away in Ewbank’s book. A herd of strong oxen does what hundreds of men would fail to do.

Find out the hidden secret in Stonehenge's design

Ewbank’s design expertise has enabled her to extract information from the Stonehenge plan never before revealed.

Careful measurements show the entire site was constructed and laid out using a single consistent unit of measurement, which Ewbank calls the BAUNT (Bronze Age unit)

Her work gives more credence to the idea that our ancestors were far more advanced than they are portrayed.

Stonehenge bronze age unit of measurement by Sarah Ewbank

Stonehenge’s alignment to summer solstice sunrise and winter solstice sunset connects it with these moments in time. The immense effort that went into its construction proves it was a supremely important project. But, to date, no one seems to know what it was or why it was built. Extensive excavations by archaeologists of its underground zones have failed to solve its mysteries.


However, …until now, no one with the right skills has properly assessed Stonehenge’s unique layout, its oval, horseshoe and two concentric circles with the right questions in mind.      

 ‘Did Stonehenge have a roof? Were its megaliths installed specifically to hold up the roof structure? Could the roof’s form be reverse-engineered by examining the sarsen’s relative positions, dimensions and built form’.


Ewbank’s book, Stonehenge, Temple Cipher Roof, chronicles a facinating research journey.